Below are just a few of the testimonials provided by our students.

Ocoee, Manheim Orlando Auction, 05/26-27/2016 РInstructor Terry Myers [This first testimony is a keeper. It sums up the true value of  education for the customer and the dealer family!]
Via Email: “I loved your class and would highly recommend it to anyone… everyone! You have gone above and beyond in sending me further information pertaining to this new world, but thanks to you I am feeling more educated and confident. With God’s help..my Father’s dream will once again come to life. If I don’t try… I’ve already failed. If I give it all that I have…we just may achieve success! To me.. my Father is worth it!!!” CK ¬† Instructor note: Student’s father passed away. His father had a love of the business and a heart for those in need. On more than one occasion, he would provide transportation for those who could not afford it. Now the child, once the student, becomes the owner, following in the Father’s footsteps….

=============== MOST RECENT TESTIMONIES==================

Manheim, Ft. Lauderdale, 12/16-17/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“This class was extremely well organized. I have been the business, but every piece of info was valued and engaging. A 3-day course would be appreciated. There area areas that could use 1 or 2 hours.” JFLaC

Adesa, Jacksonville. 11/06-07/2017/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“The information presented was seamless in a pace appropriate to covered materials as well as speakers to support aligned materials/information.” KS

FIADA, Tallahassee, 10/18-19/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“A+” “This class was exceptionally well taught. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The instructor was the best. He was very knowledgeable.” SR

FIADA CONVENTION, 10/05-06/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Exceptional! Very organized & professional. Great guest speakers (were amazing), w/wonderful opportunities to network.” DG

Adesa, Jacksonville. 08/07-07/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Very informative and factual, also hits key points outside of the car business.” IA

Manheim Ramada Inn, Tampa, 07/1-2/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Excellent. Mr. Myers, Wayne Reaves, and the guys from Auto Data Direct, were very knowledgeable and explained everything pretty understandable.” SM

Manheim Orlando, 06/22-23/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Great Experience. Lot of things that I thought I know within my years of experience in the business and it turned out the opposite.” JGC

Tampa, Ramada Inn, 06/03-04/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Good Comfortable Class. Nicely paced. Very knowledgeable instructor – Gave me all the info needed to do the things the right way.” JV

Orlando, Manheim Central Florida Auction, 06/10-11/2017 – Instructor Terry Myers

“It was very informational. All my questions were answered with out even asking most. You were patient and very knowledgeable. Thanks for you(r) time.” BD