About Florida Auto Dealer School

Our philosophy and goal is to provide more than the minimum state requirements. Prospective and existing dealers should also expect to learn some proven ways to make money and things not to do.

FADS has helped thousands of new prospective and existing dealers obtain and renew their dealer license. FADS also does on-site employee training.

Terry L.B. Myers, owner of the Florida Auto Dealer School has been providing prelicensing and continuing education at the adult and licensed professional level since 1998. In addition to new and used vehicle dealers, past clients have also included CFPs, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Attorneys, Trust Officers and Physicians. He has written numerous articles and approved training classes relevant to the various professions listed.

Florida Auto Dealer School was Licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Division of Motorist Services as Motor Vehicle Dealer Training School 003 on May 5, 1998. PreLicensing for NEW and USED RV-MH dealers was added August 18, 2014, School # 0010.

The Florida Auto Dealer School (FADS) is a proud member of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association (FIADA), the oldest dealer association in the USA. FADS is also proud to be a member of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. The FIADA and FADS joined resources more than a few years back to provide better and more comprehensive offerings to satisfy the ever growing need for quality education for NEW (VF) and USED (VI) prospective and existing dealers, AUCTIONS (VA), SALVAGE YARDS (SD), WHOLESALE (VW), RVs (RV)(RU) and MOBILE/MANUFACTURED HOME (DH)(BH) licensing.

The Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association currently contracts (FADS), Mr. Myers to help in educating dealer members and prospective members via classroom and online instruction and training. Mr. Myers updates and creates training elements in addition to contributing to educational articles for the FIADA INDEPENDENT DEALER MAGAZINE.

Mr. Myers is available to consult, create and conduct specialized training.

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