Below are just a few of the video and written testimonials provided by our students.


[This first testimony is a keeper. It sums up the true value of  education for the customer and the dealer family!] 

Ocoee, Manheim Orlando Auction, 05/26-27/2016 – Instructor Terry Myers

Via Email: “I loved your class and would highly recommend it to anyone… everyone! You have gone above and beyond in sending me further information pertaining to this new world, but thanks to you I am feeling more educated and confident. With God’s help..my Father’s dream will once again come to life. If I don’t try… I’ve already failed. If I give it all that I have…we just may achieve success! To me.. my Father is worth it!!!” CK   Instructor note: Student’s father passed away. His father had a love of the business and a heart for those in need. On more than one occasion, he would provide transportation for those who could not afford it. Now the child, once the student, becomes the owner, following in the Father’s footsteps….

=============== MORE RECENT TESTIMONIES==================

MANHEIM FT. LAUDERDALE AUCTION, 8/18-19/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Excellent presentation, A lot of added value with instructions that can provide valuable info on some of the requirements needed for a start up, Surety Bond, Garage Liability, titling & registration software, and A to Z dealer management software process. Terry was great, knowledgeable & experienced.” SB

Ramada Inn, Tampa, 8/4-5/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Anther great experience with Terry. I didn’t think I would lean more about the automotive business, However I found out there are so much more I need to learn.” DB

Ramada Inn, Tampa, 7/7-8/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Informative, concise, great instructor & guest speakers. A 10 out of 19 satisfaction rate.” RB

MANHEIM CENTRAL AUCTION, Orlando, 6/23-24/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“2nd time taking it. 1st time is 4yrs ago. Terry ia an amazing iinstructor, Very knowledgeable, look forward to coming again.” DT

Ramada Inn, Tampa, 4/6/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers – Continuing Education Class for licensed dealers

“I had a great day brushing up on all the info for titles and paperwork, great guest speakers.” KG

MANHEIM ORLANDO AUCTION, Ocoee, 3/22-23/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Great knowledge of products and service. Enjoyed the booklet and powerpoint presentations.” BG

MANHEIM PALM BEACH. West Palm Beach, 3/19/2018 Instructor Terry Myers [Continuing Education]

“The class was very interesting, I learned a lot of new things that I will immediately implement to my business.” RP

ADESA AUCTION, Jacksonville, 3/12-13/2018 Instructor Terry Myers

“Absolutely amazing. The knowledge you receive is exactly what you need to go forth and prosper!” SS

MANHEIM CENTRAL AUCTION, Orlando, 3/10-11/2018 – Instructor Kevin Scott

“I had a great time. Kevin made learning fun & easy.” AY

“Excellent class, instructor very clear & took time to explain. (Highly recommend). CV

MANHEIM CENTRALAUCTION, Orlando, 3/9/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers [Continuing Education]

“Instructor Terry Myers – Excellent Class had great guest speakers as well. Very informative information and courses.” KS

Ramada Inn, Tampa, 3/3-4/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Great information. So much to learn. I had a great experience and feel much better about how to become an “OUTSTANDING” Florida Independent Dealer.” PC

“i have learned a great deal of information asking/answering opportunities enriched what I knew clarified what I didn’t know & legal requirements answered.” LD

Ramada Inn, Tampa, 3/2/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers [Continuing Education]

“Excellent source. Mr. Myers always update and able to share knowledge.” RC

“Very clear explanation on all topics. Mr Terry Myers is a fantastic instructor.” EG

MANHEIM ORLANDO AUCTION. Ocoee, 2/22-23/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“The instructor is very experienced, great attitude that makes learning easier.” AR

MANHEIM CENTRAL AUCTION, Orlando. 2/10-11/2018 – Instructor Kevin Scott

“Awesome and overwhelming.” GD

ADESA AUCTION, Jacksonville, 2/5-6/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“I learned a lot of information that is valuable to me in the auto industry.” MI

FIADA, Tallahassee, 1/10-11/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“Great – This is the course to take in person not online” JA

Ramada Inn, Tampa, 1/6-7/2018 – Instructor Terry Myers

“The best ever, ot was recommended to me and I will recommend it from now on.” JA